10 Kauai Fruits You Do Not Want To Miss

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March 14, 2018
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March 18, 2018

Along with some of the most picturesque scenery in the world, Kauai has rich, fertile soil that is perfect for growing exotic and unique fruits. Some are well known, and others are new to even the seasoned traveler. You can find an array of fruit at roadside stands, the local market or at any of the many Farmer’s markets around Kauai. Here are 10 Kauai fruits that we think you will enjoy!



Mangoes are a June through October seasonal specialty on Kauai and when available, burst with flavor, nutrients and vitamins. Hayden mangoes are the colorful popular variety that arguably are the sweetest. Their long season provides people with heavenly treats that are often added to salads, salsas, tropical drinks and are attributed to the overall happiness of Kauai



Lychee is an extremely popular fruit in Hawaii. Harvested from May through August, this translucent white juicy delicacy is sweet with a firm texture. It also has been known to double your friend count when your tree is in bloom. Best served cold and with a side of sangria.



One of the more unusual looking fruits on Kauai, rambutans (aka the hairy lychee) are refreshingly sweet and a great source of vitamin C and calcium. You can typically find Kauai-grown rambutan from September to March.


Lilikoi (Passion Fruit)

The fragrant lilikoi (passion fruit) is known for being extremely tart, yet incredibly sweet and are easily found around the island all year long. The juice is often used for mix in tropical drinks, ice cream, preserves, syrups and baked goodies. Like the lemon, they also make for great photo ops when people try them for the first time.



Otherwise known as Ulu, breadfruit is a gorgeous tree that can reach up to forty feet high with a twenty to thirty foot spread. There are four varieties of breadfruit that are abundant on Kauai including Ma’afala, Otea, Piipiia and Ulu Fiti. These starchy fruits are culinary treats that are often baked, boiled, steamed or fried.


Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is known as one the best “super fruits” available on the market today. Besides being low in cholesterol, high in fiber and full of active antioxidants, this fascinating fruit is also known to fight diabetes, reduce signs of aging, as well as suppress pain from arthritis. Flowering on Kauai begins in June with fruit production in late summer to fall.


Star Fruit

Probably one of the coolest looking fruits on the market, the star fruit is translucent yellow in color and has a sweet, citrusy taste. They have several growing seasons, however their best production is in the fall.


Sugar loaf pineapple

While it looks similar to the traditional yellow/gold pineapple, the sugar loaf pineapple is sweeter and not as acidic and you can even eat the core! You will find these savory tourist favorites in abundance during the summer months, but some Kauai farmers are able to produce all year long.

Cool fact: A new pineapple shoot takes about two years from planting to get to the flowering stage. After the shoot reaches maturity,you’ll know it’s ready to flower when the base of the leaves turn a beautiful pink/red.



Papaya is a delicious and sweet flavored fruit that is nutrient rich and great for digestion. Commonly eaten with Papaya season is year around on Kauai making these delightful fruits easy to find.

Take advantage of Kauai’s seasonal exotic fruit options and experience something scrumptious to remember the islands! Find a farmer’s market on Kauai here.

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