Status of Kiahuna

Status of Kiahuna

Current Status:  Not Available for Rentals until after July 1, 2020

Beginning on March 4, 2020, the County of Kauai Emergency-Management-
Agency began issuing a series of proclamations designed to ensure the health
and safety of the county’s residents. Interested parties are encouraged to go to:
County of Kauai Emergency Proclamations

The Mayor of Kauai is discouraging visitors to the island through August 1, 2020.
Individuals who do choose to visit Kauai will be required to remain
quarantined in their residence or hotel for a period of fourteen days. Public areas
typically enjoyed by visitors are closed as are restaurants and most stores.
Kiahuna Beachside properties have been unavailable for rent since the original proclamation was issued in early March.  The earliest date for reopening the island to visitors is currently August 1, 2020.  This date is subject to change.

We believe that the Mayor and the Kauai Emergency-Management Agency have done the right thing, i.e. to protect the local citizens from visitors who could be bringing the virus from the mainland and other locations.  This decision has been a difficult one since the island is so highly dependent on tourism.

  Given the fact that the pandemic is global in nature, we expect that vacationing
families will favor the Hawaiian Islands over many other travel destinations in the
months to come. Hiking trails, golf courses, and beaches provide outstanding outdoor recreational alternatives in a mild, tropical setting.

Kiahuna Beachside is accepting tentative reservations beginning July 1st. All
reservations will be fully refundable depending on federal and state laws
that limit travel and freedom of movement on the island.
Please feel free to call our offices for updates on the status of the island in
the months to come.

Trish - 800-937-6642
Pacific Time Zone

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