Status of Kiahuna

As of February 2020

A major storm hit the state of Hawaii on Christmas Eve, 2019.  The storm was followed by two weeks of heavy winds and rain.   Beaches and shorelines were impacted by a combination of king tides, strong southeast currents and extremely high east winds.  As surf and tidal conditions returned to normal, about four feet of sand was restored to the beach.  While the sand has returned to the beach, the protective naupaka on the shoreline has been partially eroded away.

The winter storms had no effect on the condition of beach-houses #8 through #166. 


Kiahuna Beach-Houses #2 and #3 -

As of mid-February about half of the land area in front of buildings one has eroded away.  There is no safe way to walk in front of either building, to or from the main lawn and beach.   Erosion has required the installation of protective wooden railings on the lanais of the front two buildings (#1 - #7).   The lanais remain about five to eight feet above the level of the beach, depending on the level of the sand. The railings are the same 42” height as the railings on all second story Kiahuna units.

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