Helpful Packing Tips For Your Trip To Hawaii

Enjoy A Cruise Down The Wailua River
Enjoy A Cruise Down The Wailua River
March 10, 2018
Plan On Seeing Wailua Falls During Your Trip To Kauai
Plan On Seeing Wailua Falls During Your Trip To Kauai
March 14, 2018

What to Pack

In Hawaii, every day feels like Aloha Friday. Clothing is casual, and except for one or two upscale restaurants, jackets are not required for dinner. Men in Hawaii have it easy because aloha shirts (casual button-down or collared shirts) are appropriate for just about any occasion. Hawaii’s year-round tropical climate ranges from bikini weather during the day to a light sweater or jacket in the evening. Comfortable shoes or sandals are fine for most occasions.

Sun Protection
Hawaii’s proximity to the sun makes for gorgeous tans and nasty sunburns, even on cloudy days. If you want that golden glow, tan slowly with a high SPF sunscreen. Bring reef-safe sunscreen to help prevent bleaching of coral and other damage to the islands’ ocean habitat. Also, protect yourself with a brimmed hat and sunglasses.

Ocean Activities
If you will be boating, swimming, surfing or enjoying any of Hawaii’s other water activities, bring sun protection gear and sunscreen. Swimsuits are easy to purchase, and scuba suits and gear can be rented.

Outdoor Wear
If you will be hiking or will require specialty clothing/equipment, consider buying your gear before you arrive, as the selection can be limited on some islands. A light jacket is recommended for wind and rain.This is especially important if you will be spending lengthy amounts of time on the summits of Haleakala on Maui or Maunakea on the island of Hawaii, or camping in higher elevations like Upcountry Maui or Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. See our weather page for more details.

Golf Attire
Most of the golf courses — public, resort or private — in Hawaii require “proper golf attire,” which usually means a collared shirt and dress shorts or slacks—no denim, cargo- or sports shorts. When in doubt, it’s best to contact the course or pro shop. There is no dress requirement for municipal courses.

Business Aloha
This term refers to the “Downtown Honolulu” look and is appropriate for business functions and better restaurants. Men: aloha shirt, slacks and dress shoes. For women, it generally means aloha or business attire.

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